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ACM: Aluminum Composite Architectural Panels & Column Covers
ACM: Panel Fabrication and Installation

High Standard's Pembroke, MA Division specializes in Alpolic, Alucobond, and Reynobond aluminum composite material (ACM) including fabrication of these products for others to install or by providing fully installed projects.


Where & Why to use ACM
Aluminum composite materials provide a rich custom fabricated appearance with smooth curves and extremely flat panels with bent corners and no exposed fasteners or extruded trim members. ACM economically covers a multitude of backup conditions to conceal new structures or cover up ugly old ones. Retro fit projects often save demolition costs by going over existing sound structures preventing prolonged disruption of use or business. ACM has a striking visual impact that enhances architectural components such as fascias, soffits, parapet caps, column and beam covers, or accent bands and architectural signage. Using this material at entranceways, canopies, storefront facades, or other prominent building features makes a statement to all who go there. When used on auto dealerships ACM reflects the quality of the fine cars being sold. When used on primary or secondary schools ACM can strike a happy mood in the attending students and faculty setting the stage for learning. When used on hospitals, banks, scientific research facilities, or on airports and train stations ACM purveys a “High Tech” sense that can instill confidence. When used on commercial offices, hotels, apartments, or individual residences ACM provides for distinction that says who you are and welcomes you back. When used on museums or public buildings ACM appears fresh and inviting while built to last. ACM can also be used to establish corporate identity in the eye of the public using uniform colors or shapes from location to location so people can find you and to keep them coming back again.

The High Standard Advantage

  • When you work with High Standard you get the advantage of our vast experience in working with and installing ACM. We are not just fabricators filling orders. This advantage gives you the confidence that the job will go well whether you install the panels or we install them for you.

  • Since we install a lot of what we make, we have learned ways to avoid problems before they happen on site, and design our panels and attachment methods to insure quick and inexpensive installation. This saves you time and reduces risks if you are doing the installation.

  • We design our panel system to suit the layout of your project to minimize material waste and preserve architectural design elements. This results in a project that looks good and is as affordable as possible.

  • We design individual removability into all of our panel systems to allow for easy and economical removal and replacement of our panels if the need ever arises. In commercial buildings wall mounted signage may need to be changed as a tenant moves in or out, which often leads to panel replacement. A car or snowplow could cause damage requiring replacement of panels. You may at some time need access behind the panels for revision of electrical or plumbing. If you have individually removable panels, access or replacement is quick and easy. Take one out and put it back in anywhere. If you have a progressively installed system it will be much more costly and time consuming task.

  • We eliminate the need for most all sheet metal flashing or gravel stops making for smooth transitions at windows, roof conditions, and parapets, which yields a better appearance and reduces costs.

  • We tailor our panels to your project by making the panels fit the field measurements and conditions. You can be assured of a tailored fit.

  • We specialize in projects requiring special shapes such as smooth, concave and convex curves, crescent shapes for arches, or areas of angularity.

  • We are willing to do custom colors in small lots and have also put two colors on one panel when needed for specialty accent bands.

Basic Design & Attachment Methods
We use a simple rout-and-return staggered clip angle attachment method designed for wet seals or with cut plate reveals inserted in the panel joints. We are well experienced in “Energy Code” rain screen systems and have systems with individual panel removability allowing for removal without disturbing adjacent panels. Our typical depth of treatment is one inch from face of panel to backup for wet seals and 1 5/8” for our dry reveal cut plate system. We can easily vary the depth of treatment to suit your application. Our system is easy to install with minimal instruction or equipment. Our panels are installed with clip angles screwed to the side flanges of the panel, which are then fastened directly to the backup with anchor fasteners. Provisions are made for thermal movement. There are no expensive interlocking sliding extrusions that require careful alignment or that rattle in the wind.

Rout & Return Wet Seal Joint Treatment
In this system, our standard joint width is 1/2", with backer rod and caulking applied in the panel-to-panel joints to insure a watertight installation. The caulking conceals all fasteners. Removal is achieved by cutting away the caulking and removing the anchor fasteners around the panel. Our minimum joint width is 3/8”. Joints larger than 1/2” are easily achieved. The depth of treatment is normally 1” although we can go as little as 3/4” and to any depth greater than 1”. Removal and replacement requires re-caulking the panel joints.

Rout & Return Dry Reveal Joint Treatment
In our rout and return cut plate dry reveal system we normally use 3/4” joints although the joint width can be changed to suit your design preference. Depth of treatment is 1 5/8” or greater. The cut plate reveal strips are held in place with structural silicone and VHB tape applied over continuous backing plates. Once in place, the reveal strips conceal the fasteners in the reveal. Cut plate dry reveal systems are not designed to be water tight since they were designed primarily for rear ventilated rain screen applications and allow for venting. Backup must include a self healing moisture barrier such as ice and water shield. Removal and replacement requires replacement of the infill strips.

aluminum composite material, (ACM), architectural panels, wall panels, column covers, panel fabrication & installation

Rear Ventilated Rain Screen
Either the wet seal joint treatment or the cut plate dry reveal joint treatment can be used as a rear ventilated rain screen. To function properly the base of the wall is left open to allow air to enter in. The top at a parapet back is left open for air to vent out. The face of the sheathing must have a self healing moisture barrier sealed to all window, door, and electrical penetrations. Two inches of rigid insulation is normally applied over the sheathing prior to panel installation. No “Z” bars are allowed in the insulation. In the case of continuous band windows, air must be allowed in just above window heads and out below the window sill flashings. If sheet metal gravel stops are used, they must overlap the top of the panels and allow for air venting. Suitable screening is applied at open joints to prevent insect infiltration.

Colors and Finishes
A broad range of standard colors are available including: solid colors, metallic colors, mica chip colors, simulated wood grains, simulated stone, high polished aluminum, brushed aluminum, simulated copper metallics and real copper composites. Finishes include coil coated PVDF Kynar 500 and coil coated FEVE Lumiflon. Manufacturer’s standard finish and structural integrity warranties will be addressed to your project. We also offer custom colors in spray applied FEVE Coraflon for virtually any size project from less than 500 sq. ft. on up. This gives you the opportunity to achieve striking effects using your own unique colors.

Column Covers
We roll round column covers up to 144” high in a single tier with a minimum diameter of 12 1/4”. We use our rout and return wet seal or our cut plate dry reveal at the vertical joints. All vertical side flanges are 1 1/2". Multiple tiers are possible with caulk joints or sleeve collars. We have options for caulk stops top and bottom or recessed collars.

aluminum composite material, (ACM), architectural panels, wall panels, column covers, panel fabrication & installation

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We welcome projects of most all sizes and are at our best with curved and angular shapes, custom colors and fast lead times. E-mail your inquiry for your projects in CAD or PDF. Please call us with questions. We are happy to help you with design solutions and pricing.

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aluminum composite material, (ACM), architectural panels, wall panels, column covers, panel fabrication & installation

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